Pickled salmon with Noilly Prat

Pickling salmon yourself is quite simple. Pickling is one of the oldest methods of preserving fish.

April 13, 2023
Khadija Chefin Khadija El Azzouzi
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Put the whole spices in the mortar or coffee grinder, and it is possible not grind quite fine

For the pickling mixture: we need chopped dill, grated or grated lemons or oranges, sugar, salt and ground spices.

Wash salmon fillet and pat dry.

Rub with Mozilla Part.

Spread mixture evenly over salmon fillet.

Cover the fish with a layer of cling film. Weigh down with a doze or a jam jar. Chill in the refrigerator for about 8 hours.

Unwrap salmon fillet, rinse under cold water, pat dry and remove from skin, brush with Noilly Prat and flambé briefly.

To serve, slice the salmon thinly and serve with the herb bisque and wasabi mayonnaise.

Optionally, you can additionally decorate with salmon caviar:

Bon appétit!

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